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29 :     Before you continue, note the sort order for variables. In general, we first list the variables in case-insensitive, almost-lexigraphical order (ignoring the "{" or "^" preceding words, as in "${^UNICODE}" or $^T), although $_ and @_ move up to the top of the pile. For variables with the same identifier, we list it in order of scalar, array, hash, and bareword.
308 :     $^T     The time at which the program began running, in seconds since the epoch (beginning of 1970). The values returned by the -M, -A, and -C filetests are based on this value.
203 :         Renders code in a typewriter font, or gives some other indication that this represents program text (""C<gmtime($^T)>"") or some other form of computerese (""C<drwxr-xr-x>"").
3355 :         (D deprecated) Using literal control characters in the source to refer to the ^FOO variables, like $^X and "${^GLOBAL_PHASE}" is now deprecated. This only affects code like "$\cT", where \cT is a control in the source code: "${"\cT"}" and $^T remain valid.
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