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230 :     $^M     By default, running out of memory is an untrappable, fatal error. However, if suitably built, Perl can use the contents of $^M as an emergency memory pool after "die()"ing. Suppose that your Perl were compiled with "-DPERL_EMERGENCY_SBRK" and used Perl's malloc. Then
232 :                 $^M = 'a' x (1 << 16);
1945 :         The request was judged to be small, so the possibility to trap it depends on the way perl was compiled. By default it is not trappable. However, if compiled for this, Perl may use the contents of $^M as an emergency pool after die()ing with this message. In this case the error is trappable *once*, and the error message will include the line and file where the failed request happened.
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