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38 :     *   The print() statement does not add field and record separators unless you set $, and $\. You can set $OFS and $ORS if you're using the English module.
63 :               OFS       $,
97 :         M6]9*<IQCO*XFT"0[PL%%'Y+IG?WN^ZYN-$'J.[.JE$,20/?K=_[>
786 :     unary * Dereference-address operator. (Perl's prefix dereferencing operators are typed: $, @, %, and &.)
207 :         sub foo ($first, $, $third) {
1159 :         (W illegalproto) An illegal character was found in a prototype declaration. Legal characters in prototypes are $, @, %, *, ;, [, ], &, \, and +. Perhaps you were trying to write a subroutine signature but didn't enable that feature first ("use feature 'signatures'"), so your signature was instead interpreted as a bad prototype.
611 :             sub PRINT { $r = shift; $$r++; print join($,,map(uc($_),@_)),$\ }
2637 :         The current value of $, (if any) is printed between each LIST item. The current value of $\ (if any) is printed after the entire LIST has been printed. Because print takes a LIST, anything in the LIST is evaluated in list context, including any subroutines whose return lists you pass to "print". Be careful not to follow the print keyword with a left parenthesis unless you want the corresponding right parenthesis to terminate the arguments to the print; put parentheses around all arguments (or interpose a "+", but that doesn't look as good).
699 :     $,      The output field separator for the print operator. If defined, this value is printed between each of print's arguments. Default is "undef".
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